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Saham Pilihan Rabu, 29 Juni 2016

Daewoo Technical Desk 29 Juni 2016 by Heldy Arifien ( IHSG (Trading Buy) : Kembali, bargain hunting sejumlah saham unggulan berhasil mendorong IHSG menguat 0.95% dan ditutup pada level 4,882.17 jelang libur panjang Iedul Fitri. White Marubozu Candle dengan nilai transaksi mencapai IDR7.84tr, mencerminkan terbukanya peluang bagi IHSG untuk melanjutkan penguatan dan menguji resistensi atau sekaligus memasuki area 4,900; Trend:  Distribution Area EMA(5,20) Signal: Buy Stochastic Signal: Overbought Market Breath: Trading R(2): 4, 924.58 R(1): 4,903.37 S(1): 4,848.20 S(2): 4,814.23 – Stop Loss Note: Waspadai bayang-bayang aksi ambil untung pada titik 88.06 overbought trading stochastic, yang juga berpotensi mematahkan upaya IHSG untuk bertumpu pada support 4,900-nya. Menu Santap Saham Daewoo Pagi ini; GGRM (Trading Buy): White Marubozu Candle dengan Bullish Signal pada EMA(5,20) kemarin, membuka ruang bagi GGRM untuk mencapai resistensi I

Headline Berita Saham: Rabu, 29 Juni 2016

Market Headlines Mayora distribute IDR268.3bn dividend (Investor Daily) PT Mayora Indah Tbk (MYOR) will distribute cash dividend amount of IDR268.3bn, or equivalently IDR300/share which will be paid on July 29, 2016.In addition, MYOR will also do stock split with 1:25 (old : new). Indopoly add production machine (Investor Daily) PT Indopoly Swakarsa Tbk (IPOL) plans to add two metalizing machine in their factory which located in Purwakarta and Suzhou (China). This new machine is expected to add value of IPOL products. Alfamart launch first virtual store in Indonesia (Investor Daily) PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (AMRT) launch Alfamind (virtual store). The company expects that will grab 50,000 virtual stores in Indonesia.   99% deregulation completed (Media Indonesia) Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution stated that only 2 remaining from 203 economic package policy unresolved and still to be discussed by ministries / agencies. As o

Ulasan Pasar Modal Pagi: Rabu 29 Juni 2016

Daewoo Securities Daily Focus (June 29, 2016) Research Team ( ) Market Comment by Taye Shim ( ) Overnight, major indexes reversed a two-day losing streak post a Brexit sell-off as oil price rallied and market indicators stabilized. The JCI closed up 1% yesterday following the news (released during the trading session) that the House of Representatives approved the long awaited tax amnesty. Rupiah strengthened 1.2% against the greenback, 10yr gov. bond yields fell 8bps and foreigners net bought equities worth IDR691.1bn. Elsewhere in US, 1Q16 GDP was revised up to 1.1% from previous 0.8%, while June consumer sentiment improved to 98 - which is the highest since October. We expect JCI to continue its upward trajectory. #QUICK RECAP OF TAX AMNESTY: 1) Tax rate: 2~ 5% (repatriation) / 10% (declare only), 2) BI says tax amnesty will boost 2016 GDP by 0.3% (5.1% -> 5.4%), 3) BI says IDR560tr will be repatriated (vs. parliament IDR1,000

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