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Update Harga Komoditas dan Indeks | 5 Agustus 2021

Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. equity indexes were little changed at the start of the overnight session Wednesday evening as Wall Street looked to improve upon a mixed week.

Dow.......34793   -323.7      -0.92%

Nasdaq.14781   +19.2       +0.13%

S&P 500..4403   -20.5         -0.46%

FTSE.......7124    +18.1       +0.26%

Dax........15692   +137.1     +0.88%

CAC........6746    +22.4        +0.33%

Nikkei...27584     -57.8         -0.21%

HSI........26426    +231.7     +0.88%

Shanghai .3477  +29.2        +0.85%

ST Times..3183  +33.7        +1.07%

IDX.....  6159.04  +28.46      +0.46%

LQ45.....843.46   +4.93        +0.59%


Indo10Yr..6.3836    -0.0247    -0.39%๐Ÿ‘

ICBI.....324.7181    +0.3432   +0.11%๐Ÿ‘

US10Yr...1.1840     +0.0080   +0.68%

VIX............17.97    -0.07        -0.39%


USDIndx .....92.2780  +0.2020  +0.22%

Como Indx....213.52   -1.77        -0.82%

(Core Commodity CRB)I

BCOMIN........159.67  -1.21         -0.76%

IndoCDS..79.7072    -0.8368     -1.04%

 (5-yr INOCD5)  


IDR.....14312.50      -29.50     -0.21%๐Ÿ‘

Jisdor....14324.00  -38.00      -0.26%๐Ÿ‘

Euro.........1.1838   -0.0025     -0.21%

TLKM........22.98    -0.12         -0.52%


EIDO..........20.45    -0.22         -1.06%

EEM..........52.46    +0.27         +0.52%

Oil............68.11    -2.45          -3.47%‼

Gold ....1814.70     +0.60          +0.03%

Timah ..34642.50  -7.50           -0.02%

Nickel...19252.50   -107.50      -0.56%

Silver..........25.44    -0.14           -0.55%

Copper......433.60   -5.00           -1.15%

Coal price...154.40    +1.55     +1.01%


Coal price...148.60    +1.60     +1.09%


Coal price....141.10   +0.85     +0.61%


Coal price....137.90   +1.30     +0.95%

(Sep/ Rotterdam)

⁵CPO(Okt).....4293    +149     +3.60%‼


Corn..........546.75   -5.50        -0.91%

SoybeanOil..61.54  -0.26        -0.42%

Wheat.......717.25   -5.00         -0.91%

Wood pulp.....4750.00  +12.50  +0.26%

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Source: Bloomberg, Investing, IBPA, CNBC, Bursa Malaysia

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